Order a Hoop

Adult hula hoop: $30     ------    Child hula hoop:  $20 
(Adults typically buy the child hoops for off-body and hand hooping moves!)

Hula hoops are for local (Metro Atlanta, Georgia) distribution only! I do not ship hoops.

BONUS: Every hoop order includes a mini hooping lesson at time of delivery!!! Because I can't just hand the hoop to you and shoo you out in the world. I WANT you to be successful at hooping!

Basic hoops - Black grip tape with red, silver, dusty rose, bright green, fluorescent green glitter tape
I sell adult beginner and practice hoops. These hoops are adult-sized and are significantly larger and heavier than the kid-sized ones sold in the average toy store. The added weight makes it easier to keep the hoop up around your waist.

If you think you can't hula hoop, it's probably because you've tried using a hoop that's too small and/or too light! (Consider this analogy---the smaller the tires on a car, the faster they rotate. Larger tires rotate slower. And this applies to hula hoops! Larger, heavier hoops rotate slower, which makes it easier to keep them up.)

All my basic hoops have black grip tape (which helps hold the hoop to your body) and a decorative glitter tape.

TO ORDER A HOOP: Send me an email ( with your HEIGHT and the measurement, in inches, from the floor to one inch above your navel. I'll then send you a text image of my current stock in your size.

I have a full-time job in the software industry; I am online all. the. time! If you do not hear from me (because your email went into my spam folder, perhaps), then call or text me at 404.271.7429.

    Basic hoop - Black grip tape/Gold Glitter

    Basic hoop - Black grip tape/Glitter Red

    Basic hoop - Black grip tape/Fluorescent Pink Glitter & Black grip tape/Silver Glitter
    A small selection of my glitter tape inventory: Dusty Rose - Black Galaxy - Copper - True Blue - Purple (looks blu-ish on screen, but in person it's about as purple as purple gets)