Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

Last weekend, my family made Easter bunnies! With us being perpetually short on time, I was proud that we even managed to sit down and make them. I was actually quite happy to just draw little eyes on the critters and be done with it. My husband, The Graphic Designer, wasn't quite so easily appeased, though. First he suggested that I sew little eyes on each one...I SWEAR he actually referenced "French Knots," but my memory must be incorrect. How would he know to reference those!?

Anyway. When his embroidery suggestion met with a blank stare, he took the initiative and added details that didn't require a needle and thread, just felt and glue. I LOVE the buck teeth he created for them!
This one, created by Mason, looks a little wild-eyed:
But it's loveable, nonetheless, yes?

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