Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dollywood and fingersnapping

Why is it easier for me to record thoughts here than on paper? One would think I could more quickly find the time to pull out a pen and paper...

Last week (July 19 - 24) we took an official family vacation and went to Pigeon Forge, TN and Black Mountain, NC. Originally, I was just organizing a hotel sleepover for Mason's birthday present (as he requested). Then plans grew from there. It turned out to be an absolutely wonderful experience---lunch in Murphy (NC), Fontana Dam, Cades Cove, Inn at Christmas Place, Dollywood (and the Kratt brothers!), Biltmore and property, Black Mountain.

And with so many hours on the road, Youngest Son practiced and practiced...until he learned how to snap his fingers. He was very, very, very proud of his accomplishment that week!

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Lorene said...

Wow. I am SO glad I posted this. I couldn't recall our exact itinerary and, lo and behold, here it is. Thank goodness for blog posts that go out into the internet ether never to be read again...except by me. This post has completely served its purpose.