Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My favorite hooping video

This is, hands down, my FAVORITE hooping video. It's just so HAPPY!!! It clearly demonstrates the joy associated with basic hoop dancing moves. There are many, many styles of hooping in the world, but I'm personally a fan of the "Marisa Tomei-style." To me, hers is a just-get-out-and-move kind of style. I can do that. I DO do that.

Click the image to display the video, then click the Play arrow.

Gaiam created this video as a preview to Marisa Tomei's hoopBoody kit (available here). They've since replaced that video with another one, but I've saved the link (thank goodness!) and share it with everyone who shows an interest in hoop dancing. I'll be very, very sad if it ever goes to Gaiam's "website composter" (as they call it).

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Amy Hunsinger said...

This is so visually inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing it. It makes me wanna take killer hooping type photos.....lets make it happen.