Monday, February 6, 2012

Five a single weekend

Floral pillowcases with lace accent
For weeks now, my oldest has been asking me to teach him how to make a pillowcase. Last month, I finally found time to teach him and a friend how to make one. And we ended up with 5. Because I’m an over-achiever like that.
Actually, I ended up with 5 pillowcases because I tried a variety of methods. The very first one had exposed seams which I did not like at all---even after I finished the seam edges with a zip zag stitch. Next, I made one with a regular border and French seams. This was better, but not good enough. That’s when I decided to make a “sausage-style” pillowcase with French seams. The result is a pillowcase with no exposed seams.
I originally found text-only instructions for the sausage method. They made sense, but it hurt my brain to picture what the instructions were explaining. So I was grateful for the video tutorial that I later found. Online tutorials are awesome. Especially when they’re free.
SUPPLIES: To make a standard-sized pillowcase you will need 1/3 yard fabric for the border and 3/4 yard fabric for the body. If you want to add an accent strip (I used lace in my floral pillowcases) you’ll need 1/8 yard of fabric or about 45 inches of at least 1-inch wide lace or ribbon.
I made three floral pillow cases, then taught my oldest and his friend how to make one.

Update: I originally used 1/4 yard for the border but I've decided that's not quite large enough. 
Making the pillowcase "sausage." (Hey! I made those gloves!)
Straight stitches require intense concentration
This part was fun until one of the pins jabbed him in the neck
Proud owner of a green-checkered pillowcase
I originally planned to help my youngest make a pillowcase also, but my husband chose a pom-pom border that was too difficult for a six-year old to manipulate through a sewing machine. (Goodness! I had a time of it myself!) So I made that one, too. Result: 5 pillowcases in a single weekend.

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