Thursday, April 19, 2012

Glass half-full outlook on life. To the extreme.

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There is such a thing, you know. One's outlook can be so positive that it's annoying to others. Or mildly amusing. This didn't occur to me until recently when I responded to a friend's story with what even I recognized was an unexpected question.

Said friend had just moved into an old house one street over from mine. She was young, relatively newly-married and with two little ones hanging onto her apron strings. The gas stove was old. So old that one had to manually light both the stove and the oven. One day, my friend tried to light the oven...nothing happened. A few minutes later, she returned to try again.

Of course, you know what happened, right? A ball of flames shot out of the oven right onto her face. This sounds like all kinds of horrible, but her hair was pulled back and she was far enough away that the fire only singed her eyebrows, eyelashes, and the edges of her hair. Her face looked sunburned; nothing major, but it did start to peel later. Seconds later, after I  ascertained that she had escaped relatively unscathed, I asked her, "Did your skin look awesome afterwards?"*

Yeah. I have some serious Pollyannaism issues going on here.
*I asked about my friend's skin because it seemed to me that if the top layer of skin was singed, then it was similar to a chemical peel. Right? No. I know. I'm nuts.

p.s. I'm a professional technical writer, not a creative one. My attempts to write not-dry-content is giving me a complex.

p.p.s. Coincidentally, Starbucks is giving away free iTunes downloads to the song "Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive" by Paul McCartney. I grabbed three extra codes and you can have one! Just leave a comment stating that you've used the code and which one (either 1, 2 or 3). Codes expire on June 12, 2012.

2. RX49W3WL6AX9

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Anna said...

Ha! Well, it was a good thought! I guess it was more like I sunburn than a chemical peel? I don't know! Still a funny thought (sorry for your friend, though)!

PS - I am so going to use a code. I love me some Paul!