Wednesday, March 16, 2011

AJ’s Famous Seafood and PoBoys: Marietta, GA

Last weekend, Husband expressed a craving for oysters. Almost instantly finding myself with an identical craving, I immediately disappeared to search the Web for local oyster options. That's when I stumbled upon glowing reviews of AJ's Famous Seafood and PoBoys. It didn’t take long for me to pack the family up and corral them out the door to grab lunch!

As one of the first customers that sunny Saturday, we snagged the best seat in the house --- the elevated table at the front window. And the experience only got better from there. Our attentive server brought over menus and utensils almost immediately and our beverages soon after. I didn’t pay attention to how long it took them to bring the food out, but I do know the boys didn’t get antsy so it mustn’t have been too long.

Crawfish Salad
Everything we ordered was tasty including my Crawfish Salad and my five year old’s Fried Shrimp, but my husband’s Softshell Crab po-boy and my 9 year old’s Hot Sausage po-boy were EXCELLENT. The crab was fried to perfection and the hot sausage was flavorful and not too spicy. But what really made those sandwiches was the bread.  It was the perfect combination of soft interior and lightly crusted exterior…just the way French bread should be. (Note to self: Find out where AJ’s gets their bread!)

Hot Sausage PoBoy
Of course, nothing we ordered had oysters in it which was the reason I found AJ’s in the first place... Ah, well, I guess we’ll have to return another day. Soon.
AJ’s Famous Seafood and PoBoys
Pavilions at East Lake
2100 Roswell Road, Marietta, GA
(Next to Kroger. They’re working on their web site.)
Telephone: (678) 999-0767
Hours: 11:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. every day, including Sundays
Healthy Food Notes: I didn't ask about trans fats and food sources.
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Amy Hunsinger said...

YUMMM!!! What a fun spur of the moment day!!!

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