Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Current favorite hooping videos

I've decided to maintain two hooping videos in the sidebar: My current favorite instructional and inspirational videos.

There are a LOT of pluses about face-to-face lessons with a hooping instructor, but my schedule often doesn't allow the amount of personal instruction that I need. That's where online hooping videos come into play.

Following are two videos that I've watched and re-watched numerous times over the past few days. I'm in the midst of finetuning the hoop isolation moves taught in the first video. As a beginning hooper, I didn't understand the appeal of hoop isolations. Now that my skills have progressed a bit, I can see why many hoopers enjoy them; they add a little extra pizzaz to hoop dance routines. Males and kids also find hoop isolations appealing. Since I'm always on the lookout for (simple but impressive) moves that I can teach kids (and my husband!), I'm honing my isolation skills so that I can better explain them. I especially enjoy the following tutorial because Deanne presents several moves and then shows them in sequence. This sequence will help me improve my hooping flow*, so I'm grateful that Deanne went to the trouble of recording this tutorial.

Instructional: Isolation sequence
Deanne of

I've been watching this second video in the hopes that some of the moves will come to me through osmosis during one of my (almost daily) hoop practice moments. I find Ria's flow akin to that of Beth Lavinder's (the hoop dancer whose moves I most want to emulate).

Inspirational video: Hoopdance to Bond
RiaHoopAleenaDeeLite (YouTube user name)

*What is "flow"? It's the almost seamless transitions between hoop moves. When you have "flow," the viewer doesn't catch you prepping for the next move. They just happen.

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