Friday, March 25, 2011

Hula hoop rug

The lovely (and talented! and hard working!) Rebecca DeShon of HoopEssence* shared a link to this craft and I squealed when I saw it! I'm still fine tuning my blog's identity, but "crafting" and "hula hooping" are included in my profile and this project merges them both!

Image is from Instructions are here.
Coincidentally, I have been eyeing this Etsy item and considering making my own version.
To purchase this Etsy item, go here.
Then the planets aligned and Rebecca shared her link. (My imaginary chorus is singing "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh" and raising their hands to the heavens.)

Spring Break is coming up. I now have a project planned for it.
*Rebecca teaches hoop dancing classes in the Atlanta area. I've never attended one, but I've heard that they're very popular. If Marietta and my local favorite teacher Laura Roinestad are too far away, then I point people to Hoop Essence. (You didn't know that, did you Rebecca? :-)

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