Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to pack a Pocket Pie for school lunch

My kids enjoy Hot Pockets. I'm not a big fan of processed foods, but I will happily admit that last school year, Hot Pockets were an occasional life saver...especially after I figured out how to pack them for lunches.

I was so excited about my new school lunch option that I, of course, told all my friends about it. Which is when I discovered that some people are intimidated by the lunch packing how-to's. So I'm sharing the process here. It's not complicated. Really. And your kids get a hot meal without having to spend precious lunchtime minutes waiting in a cafeteria line.

Hot Pocket packed in a Thermos for school

How To Pack a Hot Sandwich for Lunch

What you need:
1 Wide-mouth Thermos
Hot water, enough to fill Thermos
2 parchment paper or aluminium foil rectangles. Large enough to mostly cover half a sandwich.
1 hot sandwich (e.g., Hot Pocket or a grilled cheese sandwich)
  1. Fill Thermos with boiling water. Let sit for a few minutes.
    I do this before I make breakfast for the kids thereby giving the water plenty of time to heat up the Thermos.
  2. Cut two pieces of parchment paper or foil into rectangles. They should each be large enough to cover half a sandwich.
  3. Warm up Hot Pocket in microwave. (Or prepare your warm sandwich.)
  4. While sandwich is warming, quickly drain and dry Thermos. Resealing the lid when you're done.
  5. Working quickly, cut warmed sandwich in half and wrap each portion in paper or foil.
    (Wrapping the portions individually makes it easier to pull them out of the container.)
  6. Place in Thermos and seal.
I've asked my kids how warm their sandwiches are by lunchtime and one responded that they were still "hot." But that's my sensitive one. I doubt the sandwiches are "hot," but I'm confident that they are, at the very least, warm.
Okay. I wasn't being entirely honest about how often I fed my kids Hot Pockets last year. They were waaayyyyy more than an "occasional" life saver. Which is why I'm spending the summer looking for an alternative that will lessen my mom-guilt, if even just a little bit. And I've found some options! I'll share them later.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A beautiful landing

Magnolia Pearl 

Such a pretty landing page on this web site. Birds flying by! Trapeze artists swing in and out of sight! A ballerina twirls! Click through the pages; they're all pretty. And the music that plays at each one?! I'm speechless.

But...who wears this type of clothing? And how do they incorporate it into mundane daily life? I need to know. Because I want how-to lessons.