Monday, August 29, 2022

Pansy-read planter

When you clear out the pokeweed around a tree at the foot of your garden and find a Pansy-ready Planter, your heart sings. And then you research pansy planting. (See FeltedFoxHollow on Instagram for Before pictures.)

A lovely friend suggested a fern, but I want something for Winter. So I'm planting pansies now and will add a fern this Spring. It's going to look so good!

Planting summary

  • For zone 7b, plant pansies October 1 - October 15.
  • Pansy bed should be at least 25 percent composted material.
    Like this at Home Depot. (It's 50% off right now, Monday, August 29, 2022!)
  • When planting in October, add any water-soluble powdered fertilizers.
    Like this at Home Depot.
  • For Winter (November through March), fertilize monthly with nitrate-containing fertilizers.
    When I find a recommendation, I'll add a link here.
  • Water well after planting. Avoid getting leaves and flowers wet. 
  • Add mulch to protect against cold weather damage.
According to, pansies need a root system as "big as a softball" in order to bloom in cold weather. To achieve this, plant small nursery "six packs" in early October, the larger three-inch pots in November, and the four-inch pots in December.

But in North Georgia, planting the small six packs would result in blooms around March. As I want them sooner, I'm planting four-inch pots.

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