Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Makin' whoopee

I can only imagine how many returns I would get on a Google search of the term "making whoopee." In my case, I didn't actually make any whoopee...pie, that is. Although it is most definitely on my list of to-do's; I even  have a recipe lined up to try. But last Sunday was not the day for that attempt. Instead, we enjoyed the pre-made version from Trader Joes.

The pies were my family's weekly extra-special treat. I recently realized that the boys were getting used to dessert after dinner. The habit just kind of snuck up on us. Granted, they generally got fruit juice-based popsicles, but it still isn't a good habit to have. So we rather abruptly discontinued their daily after-dinner-sweet-treat routine but appeased them with the offer of something extra-special on Sundays. It's a lovely compromise because now I can make a weekly treat without feeling bad about adding to their sugar intake. Once a week is okay with me! (Daily, not so much.) And, suprisingly, they're actually quite content to wait until Sunday.

After a day filled with activities (church, pet adoption visit, grocery store, picnic, park) we returned home and just lounged. Well. The kids did. When I  strolled into our backyard this is what I saw.

Two pairs of feet in our new hammock.

Oldest Son was playing his DS while Youngest Son looked on. They have their moments, but in general they play together so well. Their personalities complement each other. Amazing. They are ever so lucky.

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