Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Glitter shoes for glitter hoops

Clearly, making and selling hoops is just an excuse for me to surround myself with more glitter. I do love sparkles! And red. And hoop dance. Which is why these glittery, red, ballet flats are perfect.

2 Lips Too "Too Kansas" ballet flats
Being flat, these shoes are great for daily use and...hooping. I found them here. They've since raised the price (although they're still on sale), so if you keep an eye on them, you may be able to snag them for less. Also, I typically only buy shoes from stores that offer both free shipping and free returns; despite being a Zappos store, does NOT offer free returns. So unless you're 100% sure of your size, you might want to try and find the shoes elsewhere.

I also found several pairs of glittery, ballet flats at Target (like these gold ones, and these black ones---both for $12.99). I considered them, but ultimately decided on the red ones. Although this does not rule out their addition to my shoe wardrobe in the (near?) future. Because I'm weak like that.

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