Friday, April 20, 2012

Hooping with Mr. Marietta

Today, Jason Bourne, aka “Mr. Marietta,” honored me with the opportunity to teach him some hooping tricks. He is a natural. I am 100% sure that if hooping piques his interest, he will very soon have some isolation tricks to show me.

Jason Bourne and Lorene Shaw at Marietta Square
Are you interested in learning some hooping isolations? Here’s an online tutorial that includes instruction for several moves. Many hooping moves have more than one name. In the preceding tutorial, the instructor teaches what she calls a "full moon," "half moon," "shooting star," and "milky way." Watch the video to see what they are!

I often teach kids isolations because they're impressive to see and relatively easy to learn. (You should see their eyes light up when I show them the moves!) Personally, I enjoy them because they're a fun way to build some shoulder definition, as well as workout my triceps and biceps.

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