Monday, March 30, 2015

Banana bread + chocolate = Heaven

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This morning, I invented chocolate-covered banana bread cubes...

Of course, a quick search of the 'net revealed that I am not the first to think of that tempting combination (because no thought is an original, n'est-ce pas?). For the chocolate coating, this combination of dark chocolate and coconut oil looks promising. I'm pretty sure my kids will  look at me with over-the-top adoring eyes when I serve this form of banana bread to them.

Side note: Do you like chocolate coating on your ice cream? I do, but I don't like the hydrogenated oil that most of the store-bought versions contain. It turns out, though, that you CAN MAKE AN ALL-NATURAL CHOCOLATE COATING!!!! And just as for the banana bread cube coating, the key to a homemade "Magic Shell" recipe is coconut oil.

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